Date and Time:

December 15, 2020, 1 – 2 pm SGT


Dr. Natalie Twine, Transformational Bioinformatics Group, CSIRO


Dr. Natalie Twine provides an insider’s view into the development of a Spark-based machine learning framework that is able to find disease genes in the 3 billion letters of the genome. She will also cover novel software, TRIBES, developed to uncover distant relatives based on their genome. Knowing relationship status is important for diagnosing and treating genetic diseases. Natalie will showcase how the technology has been used to understand and find treatments for motor neurone disease. Finally, Natalie will showcase hot-off-the-press cloud-native technology where CSIRO have advanced the COVID-19 response through digital health.

About Speaker:

Dr Natalie Twine is a research scientist and team lead in the transformational bioinformatics group at CSIRO. Her team focuses on developing software for population-scale genomics, leveraging cloud computing and big data technology. Natalie’s research focuses on using such technology to understand the genetic basis of Motor Neurone Disease. She obtained her PhD in Bioinformatics from University of New South Wales and has previously worked at UNSW, Kings College London and University College London.

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